First Day of School! (Sophomore Year) : ^_^

JUNE 14, 2011!

This was my first day of school in my 2nd year (sophomore year) in College of Computer Management in Information Technology (CCMIT) at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and my 1st year being a night shift student! because in our college we have the policy so called “RE-SHUFFLE DAW EH!” that’s why my section changed! from being BSIT 1-3 now changed to BSIT 2-2N! see! “2-2N!” meaning NIGHT SHIFT! section 2 NIGHT!

I was too early to arrived at the school, because i was too nervous! again?! and at the same time so excited to meet, greet, hugged, chat and talk with my former classmates, the same feeling that i felt during my 1st year (freshman year) in college.. It was too nerve cracking! that i really don’t know what to do 1st! but luckily, I immediately saw my former classmates and have a chat with them. I hugged them very tightly! because I missed them so much! because for me 2 months is too long for us without seeing, chatting, and talking with one another.

And then it’s already time for us to say goodbye after a short talk and chat with them because we are going to have our first class PROGRAMMING III (COBOL PROGRAMMING!) and as before, I was too nervous again! It was really nerve cracking,! and my hands are already shaking! because programming is our first subject! and for me, during our 1st year (freshman year) PROGRAMMING IS THE MOST DIFFICULT OR THE HARDEST SUBJECT FOR ME! that’s why I’m really too nervous.


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